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About PWC

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Anthony Lombardo

Owner / Test Engineer

My passion is developing automated testing solutions in Extreme Programming or Agile development environments. I specialize in developing custom Java-based automation using Selenium & Sauce Labs.

I’m searching for forward-thinking innovative teams open to a fresh, non-traditional automated testing initiative that will demonstrate quick and vast application testing wins.


Pacific Web Consulting is a automated testing consulting firm determined to share it’s nearly 15 years of experience helping organisations successfully do test automation.


Most companies are focused on building an automation framework and avoiding the real reason they hired test engineers in the first place – TO TEST.  Let me help you start testing now instead of waiting 12 months until your defect ridden automation framework comes to fruition.


My goal is to jump start your test automation initiative with our completely open-sourced Testing Microservices.  Our microservices include everything you need to test your:

  • Browser
  • Web Service Layer
  • Database Layer
  • Other APIs

Open Source Community

Our testing microservices are there for you to fork and be inspired of a non-traditional solution to testing that will result in less brittle, more proactive, and deeper coverage test automation initiative.  If you don’t believe me then Fork and let me know what you think.

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