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Pacific Web Consulting specializes in implementing automated testing solutions in agile development organizations. I have developed proven Java & Maven-based automation frameworks that can automate test any web-based (including Flex-based) application on the market. With my knowledge and more importantly approach to testing you are sure to have a application or website with known defects rather than unpleasant surprises with every build of your product(s).

Automated Testing


If it isn’t automated then it’s not agile.  It’s time to start automating every endpoint to build that safety net your development team deserves with our Testing Microservices.

Testing Tools


Automated tests need a little more than your average test sometimes.  Cognitive harness’ and neural network test automation is where I’m headed.  The days of building a thousand test scripts for a product are long gone.

Test Pipelines


Jenkins build, deploy and automation of your project.  Reliable, on-demand build and test results through custom dashboards are the transparency your team deserves.

Open Source Contributors

We are proponents of open sourcing everything we do at PWC.  All our testing microservices are released and available on Maven Central Repository.  Fork our repo’s today and get inspired.

Next -Level Testing Microservices

Automated Testing

Simply put, automated testing is my passion.  I’ve devoted my entire career to building non-traditional and proven automated testing solutions for medical, transportation, intellectual property, and even banking organisations.

I cannot refuse the challenge of building an automated testing harness for a seamless Angular application to a Python firmware device or even a Flex-based SaaS solutions.  Everything is automate-able to an extent and helping truly agile or Extreme Programming (XP) teams that have the potential to believe in automated testing is where I thrive.

Testing Tools

Selenium tests just aren’t enough to build the safety net most software development teams need.  At some point in the testing life-cycle I always have to build a tool or testing harness to exercise the application-under-test a different way.

I specialize in building Java testing apparatus’ that help test those impossible areas.

An example of such a tool is our Java interface de-compiler that runs via Maven and converts an interface of TestNG groups into a comma-separated list that Jenkins then uses to allow testers to select which test group they would like to execute on-demand.  Check it out in our Core Microservice GitHub project.

Test & Build Pipelines

Automated testing is futile if test results aren’t 100% transparent, trusted and accessible to decision makers at all times.  Automated test results have to be displayed to end users in a way that they can quickly make a decision about the health of a product.

I build custom dashboards that are displayed at all times for all to see and are hard to ignore.  Emails go unread, notifications go unchecked so my solution is live dashboards.  Reliable and live test results are the key to success of any automated testing effort.

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