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The Runner Microservice is to create a executable JAR file of the SaucelabsRunner class. Typically, this executable is run by a Jenkins job in which the Saucelabs Support plugin has been enabled.

Once Saucelabs is enabled in Jenkins and the desired Browser Type, Browser Version, and Platform (operating systems) have been selected, the environment variable SAUCE_ONDEMAND_BROWSERS is automatically set for the duration of the job.

When this JAR is executed, the SAUCE_ONDEMAND_BROWSERS environment variable is dynamically read and a PERL script is generated named in the root of your Jenkins job which executed this runner.

The resulting PERL script is then able to concurrently run Maven instances of automated tests against any browser/version/platform version(s) selected in the Saucelabs Jenkins plugin. When the PERL script is executed the test results are output to the target/failsafe-reports-X (X = index of the number of browser/version/platform version(s) combinations you ran against.

This tool assumes you are using the core-microservice